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Training Cost

WordPress course 25-9-2023

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Questions about experience
  • Introduction to WordPress

Biggest common mistakes

4 Most common mistakes WordPress website

  • Web hosting
  • Wrong choice of themes and plugins
  • Wrong structure webpages
    Bad for maintenance
    Bad for content management
    Bad for SEO/Google
  • Too little content (user experience, SEO)

Choose best WordPress Software

Best theme en plugins (illustration)

Setting up right structure in WordPress

Best structure to build content in WordPress

  • Grouping content, categorization
    – Better for you as administrator
    – Better for your visitors
    – Better for SEO/Google
  • Difference pages, posts, categories
    – Pages are single independent
    – Posts are related to other posts/content
    – Categories are labels to categorise posts

Creating content

How to create content well?

  • Every Post/Page minimum 250 words
  • Every Post/Page H1 H2 H3
  • Create internal links

Creating internal links automatically


/ Mobile first


Use maximum 6 in lists like menu


Use simple color palet
Use 60-30-10 rule


Use clear fonts in right size (14-19px)

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