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WordPress courses in English

Our English WordPress trainings

We provide three different WordPress trainings in English. From starters to professionals. All trainings are taylor made so we can make a combination of these trainings.

Basic WordPress Training English spoken course for starters

Basic WordPress course in english for starters. Build a search engine optimized WordPress site from scratch.

Info WordPress course

Advanced WordPress training English spoken course for professionals

Advanced WordPress course in NL or Belgium. Learn advanced techniques and manage a WordPress site safely.

Info WordPress course

Webdesign WordPress training Interaction design course for designers

How to design in WordPress? You will then learn the best webdesign tools for designing your WordPress websites.

Info WordPress course

Impressions from our English WordPress trainings

English spoken trainings and courses
for starters and professionals

CursusWP.com provides english spoken WordPress courses on all levels everywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium. All english trainings are taylor made for your WordPress needs. With over 10 years’ experience in English WordPress courses and excellent links with trainees we can help choose the right WordPress course for you and guide you through your training every step of the way.

About CursusWP.com

CursusWP.com (untill 2015 known as cursuswordpress.com) was founded by Arthur Wentzel in 2007. He was the first WordPress trainer in the Netherlands. We are specialised in teaching WordPress for starters and professionals. Since 2007 we have trained over 1500 trainees in The Netherlands and Belgium.

English WordPress courses

All English trainings are private courses so we can fulfill your WordPress needs and answer all your questions. We welcome you for WordPress courses at our training centres in Amsterdam, The Hague or Brussels or we provide in-company trainings at your location in The Netherlands or Belgium.

Your english speaking trainer

Your english speaking trainer will be Arthur Wentzel. Arthur graduated cum laude in Graphic Design. Arthur is a veteran in WordPress with over 15.000 hours of WordPress experience and can provide a taylor made English spoken WordPress course for you.
More about Arthur

Our WordPress training centres in The Netherlands and Belgium


WG Plein

WG-Plein 124
1054 SC Amsterdam

Den Haag / The Hague


Saturnusstraat 60
2516 AH Den Haag



Bolwerklaan 21
1210 Brussels


Arthur Wentzel
+31 6 2083 0583
Contact us

Call Arthur for information about a WordPress training
+31 6 2083 0583

CursusWP.com is part of Designer.nl. Chamber of Commerce 08083424 Amsterdam.

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